torsdag 18. august 2011

I do not like you!

Yes, you! You know who you are. You are the one, who commutes with the same bus as I do. You always get on after me, and always get off - before I do. Did I mention I do not like you? You want to know why, fat ass? Well, for one - the bus is almost empty. There are literally noone else when you get on, but the bus driver - and me of course. I'm always fast asleep when you get on, get it? That snoring sound - that's me. So why the fuck, do you have to sit your ass down, in the seat infront of me, and lean your seat back - with a force equal to your fat ass going from terminal velocity to zero in 0.01 seconds, hitting my knees?

Not only do you fucking wake me up, it fucking hurts a fucking lot! You don't have to sit in that seat, atleast since the whole bus is empty! I can't see why you have this urge to sit in the seat infront of me, when you have the whole bus to chose from. I certaily don't see the fucking point in bashing my knees in. I could understand someone making this mistake once, but you do this every fucking week, and several times a week. I really, really, really - do not like you. I have two more words for you: "Fuck you!"

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